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A Word or Two About Mini Van Sales

Customers must be buying into a mobility dealer that does everything they can not to look like or “feel like” a car lot—you know that creepy feeling. Right! It’s actually not hard to do when what you are is a focused company that hasn’t forgot first and foremost we are a service industry, not a car sales industry.

It must be working, more often than not, year after year, we are at the top in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada regions in mini van sales; this year second. So unless you like throwing money away and enjoy the torture of the rest of the industry’s “used car lot” experience, call us. We also have hundreds of new vans, pre-owned chassis and used vans ready for quick delivery. We can have the keys in your hands in no time, saving you thousands of dollars by eliminating stocking/flooring fees and M.S.R.P. pricing.

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